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Usage of Images by Barry Haynes, phone: 604-886-2214, email:

General Information:

The images on this Web site can be used in your publication or on your web site but you need to pay Barry Haynes a usage fee. Paying a usage fee gives you the right to use the image once in one publication. If you want to use the image again for a different publication or a different edition of the same publication, you need to pay the usage fee again. Call me at 604-886-2214 to discuss discounts for a many month contract or for usage of a large number of images.


Usual Image Usage Fees:

For local Sunshine Coast news papers, that usage fee is $50 per image for each time the image is used. For Sunshine Coast magazines, the fee is $75 per image per usage. For brochures, BC wide magazines and usages that have a larger print run or longer life, the fee is $100 per image per usage. For Sunshine Coast web sites, that $100 per image fee allows you to use that image on your web site for up to two years then you need to repay the fee (at 25%off) for each additional two year period. If you are ordering the usage of 5 or more of my images, in the same order, there is 10% off and if you are using 10 or more of my images, there is 20% off. For magazine covers and book covers, the fee will range from $250 to $1000 depending on the publication.

Please include the image name and size as well as the e-mail or address you want it shipped to. For images that will be used in a print publication, Barry will make you a custom CMYK version of the image at the size needed for your publication. This service is included in the above price. Barry will also create a custome image at the size needed for your web site.


Barry Haynes Photography Rates:

If you'd like me to shoot some images for you or your business, I charge $75 an hour plus travel expenses for my photography with a minimum fee of $75. When I shoot pictures there is more to it than just clicking the shutter. There are usually many more shots that I take of a subject than I deliver to the customer. Besides the time to shoot the photos, it takes extra time to sort them, colour correct them and put them into the format a customer needs. I call this "processing time" and for every hour that I shoot there can be an additional hour, or sometimes more, of processing time. I also charge $75 an hour for this time and it will show up on your invoice as "Colour Correction and Processing."
Note on Rush Charges: After I finish shooting the images, if you require delivery of your finished images or prints in less than 48 hours (this Rush time may vary depending on the size and complexity of the job) I may charge and additional 50% Rush fee on the Colour Correction and Processing time.

If you hire me to shoot images for you:

I will always maintain the copyright ownership of the images. To pay for my time and image usage, there are two ways we can work:

1. If you pay my hourly rate for shooting and also for colour correction and processing time, then you get 50% off on the above Image Usage Fees for the first set of print images or first two years of web usage. Since you are already getting 50% off, the above 10% or 20% discounts for using more images don't apply.
2. If I agree, at my option, to shoot and process the images at no initial charge then you need to pay the normal rate for Image Usage Fees until my hourly shooting and processing time has been paid, then I'll give you 50% off on the Usage Fees for the rest of the images as described in 1 above.
In either case 1 or 2 above, I continue to own the copyright for all the images and your usage of them is licensed from me in the terms described above. You have licensed your usage of these images, but this is not an exclusive usages so I can also use the images for other purposes.


To Purchase an images outright so you own the copyright to that image:

I generally charge $500 per image to sell the copyright, which means that I would no longer be able to use the image and you would have exclusive use of the image. This fee could be more or less depending on the image or the number of images purchased and also on my assessment of its future usage potential for me and my perspective customers.


Information about Print Prices and about My Image Processing Skills

Since I've written 8 Photoshop books and taught digital printmaking workshops for 20 years, I'm quick at processing and able to make my images look good for most purposes from CMYK prints to archival art prints to the web. Many people want jpeg files for the internet as well as prints of their images.

If you want Epson Premium Luster prints of the images I shoot for you, I charge $25 for a print up to 8"x10" in size, $50 for a print up to 11"x14" in size and $75 for a print up to 16"x20" in size. The price is 50% off for additional prints ordered at the same time of the same size of the same image. I can also make custom sized prints.

For further information, special prices, questions, etc. please call Barry at 604-886-2214 or contact him at:

Barry Haynes, PO Box 1748, 547 Sargent Rd., Gibsons, B.C. V0N 1V0, Canada