Spiritual Places, Mini Cliff Palace

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17.Mini Cliff Palace

Mini Cliff Palace

This close up sunset lit scene of the sandstone rocks of Cape Arago on the southern Oregon coast reminded me of the Cliff Palace, a Pueblo dwelling at Mesa Verde national park in Southern Colorado. The honeycomb community at the bottom of this scene reminds me of the many 6x8 sized rooms at Cliff Palace. Cape Arago is an amazing place for photography which we visit during our Oregon Coast workshops.

This image was shot with Dave McIntire’s Pentax 6x7 using Fuji Velvia and his 50mm lens. Since borrowing Dave’s camera, I’ve now purchased a Pentax 6x7 of my own which I use for landscape photography when I don’t feel like bringing out the 4x5. I’m very happy with this 6x7 format which I can scan excellently using the Polaroid SprintScan 120.