Spiritual Places by Barry Haynes, phone: 541-754-2219, email: barry@maxart.com

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10.Owens Farm Tree 11.Henline Creek Falls 12.Ship Rock Fire Sunset
13.Young Lakes Morning 14.Henline Creek Fall#0014 15.Half Dome in Clouds
16.Cliff Palace 17.Mini Cliff Palace 18.Fernwood Pier Afte#0018

A spiritual place is one that brings up special feelings and emotions when you are there. It’s that special feeling and emotion you have when in this place that makes it spiritual. A spiritual place will put you into a certain mood. The temperature or humidity of the air, the sounds or the smells might be part of what gives you that certain feeling and emotion . I put visually into these prints what it takes to give the viewer the feelings and emotions I felt while at that spiritual place. Doing this is the art of printing spiritual places.