When was the last time you played?

No, I mean really played? Played without having it take you somewhere, without wondering if it would pay back? Played for the pure fun of it because you enjoy it and for no other reason?

If we are to make the changes we need in our lives and in our world, it must come from a sense of joy of being. We reconnect to our joy when we play and we open the channels of creativity. These playshops are an opportunity to explore, a chance to discover and release blocks, to engage in what ritual therapist Susan Merrie Hellerer calls “Deep Play.”

The Afternoon Playshops ($35)

Each afternoon module includes a Nia class and playtime. Each class is different, with a specific focus such as “Writing and Sweat,” “New Pathways,” and “Making the Connections.” Sometimes we write, sometimes we draw, sometimes we get very crafty. Always we have fun and are awed by how incredibly creative humans can be.

The Five-day Playshop ($500 plus activity fees)

Each day we have physical activities, quiet time, art play and reflection. The physical activities may include, Nia, hiking, swimming, ice skating, snowshoeing, kayaking or yoga. The quiet time might be a walk in the park, a gallery stroll, sitting on the beach with a good book or a period of meditation. And the art? Oh my, who knows what will show up there. The five day class is not static but gets created by the group. Each session is different depending on the desires and capabilities of the participants as well as what might be happening in the region artistically and weatherwise.

Both the Afternoon and Five-day Playshops can be done on location. Call and arrange a great day or week for your organization or group. 604-886-2214