Wendy Crumpler

Wendy has been many people in her 56 years; a professional actress in New York City, a highly paid production artist, a writer, a poet, a wife and mother, a teacher, a director, a shamanic trainee.

She now resides on British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast where she teaches Embodied Creativity.


  1. -Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator: Side by Side


  1. -Photoshop Artistry  (with Barry Haynes and Sean Duggan)

  2. -Cusco: The Gateway to Inner Wisdom (with Diane Dunn)


An embodied activity engages all four quadrants of being (mind, emotions, body, spirit) to activate energy on a very high level. When you create from an embodied place you open the channels of receptivity and activate intuitive knowing. Life is more fun, creating is more fluid, stress becomes a thing of the past and amazing connections are generated.


What does it mean to be embodied?

The classes combine physical activity (generally, Nia) with creative exercises to help release blocks. Sometimes we write, sometime we draw, we move the body in joyous ways. Always we enter liminal space to engage in “Deep Play.” The insights gained are more quickly integrated into our consciousness because we are working with the body to make changes in our lives. Wendy is a certified Blue Belt Nia instructor as well as level-3 initiate of the Andean Spiritual Tradition. The classwork is drawn from many sources with one-day modules having a fairly firm structure and one-week classes being very fluid depending on what arises in the group.

What do we do in this class?