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Barry Haynes

our B.C. Studio

Master printmaker, Barry Haynes prints his work on the Epson 7600 and 4000 printers which he shows and sells in exhibitions, galleries and from the Galleries section of this web site. He has been involved with photography since he took photographs at 14 on a trip to England. He became a US Navy photographer getting photojournalism experience and attending the Navy’s advanced photography training. After getting his BA in computer science from University of California San Diego, Barry spent 10 years doing software development and research at Apple where in 1987 he was slipped a pre-release copy of Photoshop on a diskette from Russell Brown .

Photography then prevailed as Barry's main focus so he took a leave of absence from Apple in 1990 to set up a darkroom and get back to his artwork. He also soon found himself doing digital imaging consulting and teaching his popular Photoshop workshops. After getting married to Wendy and having their son Max, in 1995 the notes from these workshops evolved into Barry’s advanced Photoshop Artistry book series initially for Photoshop 3. After versions 4, 5, 5.5, 6 and 7, the 7th edition of these books is Photoshop CS Artistry: Mastering the Digital Image from New Riders. His books are very popular with photographers and artists who really need to understand Photoshop to create their final printed and web based artwork.

Barry teaches workshops in his studio in Gibsons, B.C. (near Vancouver) as well as classes for Anderson Ranch in Colorado, International Center of Photography in New York City, Sante Fe Workshop in New Mexico, and Palm Beach Photographic Center in Florida.

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Wendy Crumpler

our B.C. Studio

Mother, Wife, Writer, Teacher, Actress, Poet, Shaman, Artist
(not necessarily in that order)

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